Are you comin’ to Scarborough Fair, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme 04.06.11

Tak til frøken fotografen for et virkelig skarpt skud af en virkelig støvet… havegrill? Ja, ja. Blame it on her youth. Det var det bedste, der var. Og det var ikke altsammen hendes skyld 😉

Wrap-around blouse: unknown, thrifted, a little Iben Høi’ish, which is why I luvit – Skirt: thrifted Vila, this beautiful shade of green that I also adore, the shade of pasley. It went so well with my red hair back in the day – Sandals: thrifted Bruun’s Bazar – Belt: unknown, thrifted, similar to those my father used to wear in his jeans in the 70ies. It has a floral pattern that is sort of stamped into the leather with some kind of pyro technique that I cannot remember the name of off the top of my head – Skull necklace: Bahne, my youngest firmly believes that the cranium must’ve belonged to the smallest person on earth, maybe a fairy. I try to tell her otherwise, but she’s a stubborn little lady – Shades: H&M

Yesterday was spent on shopping for Father’s Day’s presents with Miss S, aka. my oldest. We rode the 500 to Aa, listening to Tom Waits (whom I truly cherish, a feeling Miss S does not share, especially not the new stuff… he’s an aquired taste, I guess), shopped the presents and a lovely book on how to grow veggies in your greenhouse for me, ate lunch on a park bench, headed home and hit the garden. And let me tell you, we’ll have sunflowers galore this August. If the snails don’t get there first 😉 And Zinnias – two full rows of them.

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day today. Did all the daddies out there get nice presents? Did you go anywhere?

As for me, I went on a little roadtrip adventure with the kiddos. Tomorrow, I’ll test your knowledge on sightseeing in Northern Jutland 🙂

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