If only you could see what I’ve seen 05.11.11

I saw a puppy, living in a pile of garbage.

I saw a little boy cracking up. My odd choice of motif was hilarious, apparently.

I saw…

… a couple of funny facial expressions. The monkey looks like an emo kid. The buffalo on the other hand looks completely dorky. They made me laugh. Hard.

I saw another little guy out on a bumpy but iconic ride.

I saw a holy cow and a bunch of crows sharing breakfast by the river. I saw the reflection of the Taj in the water. I saw the old men and the buffalos bathing. I saw the women pumping water.

I saw a baby monkey by the banks of the Yamuna. I snapped it on one of the most beautiful, memorable mornings of my life. That morning I turned into a different person.

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