Random Nice Stuff from my Week 05.30.11

Sonia R for H&M – again, God, I love ’em shoes. So comfy, so patent leather-ish, so adding to my height <3

Mellow Yellow and that sweet, sweet smell…

Once in a blue moon you get a light one. The white sheep of the family, is it?

My oldest daughter is in charge of cooking us dinner on Sundays – I love it when she makes sushi.

Pretty weed, in Danish it’s called Wild Carrot 😉

Princess flowers. I’ve waited two whole years for these, but man were they worth waiting for!

Have a lovely Monday night, don’t we just love sunny Mondays :*

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2 thoughts on “Random Nice Stuff from my Week 05.30.11

    • Hej Josephine.
      De er købt over H&Ms hjemmeside for et par år siden.
      Desværre har de dem ikke mere, men måske kan du hapse dem over Ebay eller Trendsales?
      Held og lykke med jagten 🙂

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