Slap some Cuffs on Her 19.02.11

 photo 21ee11de-81c1-4513-ac0b-a209b068ac24_zpsb1a1e1a8.jpg

The perfect summer attire with a Graeco-Egyptian vibe: strappy gold sandals and a crisp white dress paired with one or two of these beautiful gold arm cuffs and a hair band. And messy hair and a nice tan to go with that. Easy, no-nonsense. The downside is that those cuffs are way too expensive for my budget. It’s a good thing that there are highstreet alternatives…

Source: Net-A-Porter
The cuffs are from Philippe Audibert, Marni and Aurelia Biedermann. The hair band is from Eugenia Kim. Fra 82-1.349 euro. The scarab cuff is a genuine Egyptian treasure.

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