Suburbia Sisters 19.04.11

Endelig et fælles dagens! Vi tog en eftermiddag med grill, grin og gråd i suburbia i tirsdags – en helt fantastisk dag!



Outfit details little Fashionistasista: Blouse thrifted, skirt and shades H&M (don’t ask about the stain, probably Beeker spitup)

Outfit details big Fashionistasista (not quite done with the 50ies yet ;)): Dress, belt and flowerpin thrifted, studded flats H&M, shades D&G

English: Easter visit in suburbia and finally you get to see both sistas in the same shot. We spent a beautiful and sunkissed Easter day playing in the garden with our three kiddos, barbecue, loads of laughs and a few tears at the end of the day – we wore out poor little Beeker, buried him in love 😉

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