The old Woman and the Sea 10.07.11

The sea giveth and the sea taketh. So the old-timers say. Today, she gives. I saw it with my own eyes. She throws back to us the miscellaneous offerings we endowed her with the last couple of months, mostly by accident, most of them things we forgot in the sand: bottle caps, the bottle long-ago lost, colorful childrens’ beach toys, plastic bags, and the occasional sun chair. And her own things also wash up: broken trees, bone white shells, conchs like fingers pointing upwards, tangled sea-weed and dead crabs, all torn to pieces by the waves crashing onto the shore.
Today, there are no birds.
Today, there are no fish.
Today, I pull the curtains and let the grey, already filtered light seep in.
Today, I stand in awe by the window.
Today, I let the mask and the suit rest 🙂
Tomorrow. Is. Another. Day.

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