They told me it’ll be alright


“Did I ever tell ya that these here snakeskin boots represent a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?”

The large doll’s a gift from my sister, whose gifts are always highly treasured – she once bought me a Marc Jacobs bag, can you believe it? Such a generous soul, she is – and my in-laws – they brought home the two small dolls all the way from Vietnam. I love it when they bring me something ethnic from their travels, and my mother-in-law is great at picking out things I like – and cut-off spring branches from my garden. The vase is from the local thrift store

Happy face in colors


Cherry branches


A very small person once gave me an angel. I have it on my wall

Copper bracelet, thrifted, 30 Danish kr., app. 6 Dollars. Hate the smell, love the color

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