Wedding Party in Wicker Park 30.07.11

After the ferriswheel, we went to Klavs and Mary’s house for yummy snacks, home brewed beer, and good company. We got a chance to talk to Mary’s family for the first time – wonderful and interesting people – and re-connect with Klavs’ huge family, whom we had not seen for years and years. They are also a fantastic bunch and we spent the evening munching and catching up.

Klavs and Mary live in one of the two apartments in this beautiful house on a quiet tree-lined street in the area Wicker Park. In the cab, I noticed that there’s lots of shopping, restaurants and bars in the area, along Damen Av., North Av., Milwaukee Av. and Division Steet.
You can take the Blue Line L to Damen Av. from Downtown Chicago. By bus you can get to the Red Line L, Lincoln Park and the lake front. I will definately be back to shop there with Mary sometime in the future. The stores looked pretty cool. I hope you’re up for that, Mrs. D 🙂

After all the sky scrapers it was nice to see some trees and flowers.

The staircase and the living-room were decorated with pretty garlands made of coffee filters and white thread. I’m am so much going to steal that idea!

And one of the wedding cakes had tropaeleums on it.

Pretty detail in the bathroom.

Pretty detail in the backyard.

Pretty detail in the neighbours’ garden.

They were also at the party and of course we had a long garden talk, since they have the cutest little garden filled with many of the plants that I love too. They even found the space for a vegetable and herb garden there. Such creative and nice people!

And while a lovely evening drew to its end, the children, a mix of Danes, Canadians and Americans, young kids and older ones, played one of their favorite games of the night, tag, while the grown-ups sipped drinks and talked about old times, the upcoming July 4th fireworks and other important things 😉

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Party in Wicker Park 30.07.11

  1. Hej Malsen og Tine.
    Det var en helt fantastisk aften og et ganske særligt sted. Jeg er glad for, at I kan se det i billederne.
    Hav en skønno søndag 🙂

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