WTF Florida Edition – In Pictures 18. 08. 11

Alligator Alley? WTF? I’m not going down there.

WTF? That sounds cheap… Would that be a divorce of the Smith and Wesson variety, I wonder.

Who’s going to come after me? The Pool Police? Busted for using foul language? And WTF is horseplay anyway?

Why, oh why tf do I not have this at home?

Only one thing to say: WTF is wrong with this weather?

Ahem… not to be confused with amen…

No begging at the table! And no, I don’t care if you’re a bird! WTF??

“Whippoorwill Lane, that’s an odd name for a street… OH.MY.LORD. WTF? Whip poor Will?” 🙁

WTF? I have to lay off them Pinas. I’m starting to see things…

Come on, it only weighed 22,8 kilos. WTF are you complaining about?

I’m lost for words. Oh no, wait up. I have three: W.T.F. ??

No joke! WWWWWWwwww tttthhh fffff (this is me saying wtf while scared).

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